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Terms of Service

Terms of Service and Data Privacy

Policy Scope

This Privacy Policy covers information which you give us, HDC Inc., about yourself and your professional background as you register for or attend our face-to-face events around the world, visit or participate in any of our websites or online venues hosted on servers in the United States or volunteer information in any social media context. We will post or display a link to this policy on all forms and all online pages to which it is applicable.

Our business includes creating opportunities for you to connect with other companies either by accessing information and resources online or at face to face events. When we work with other companies to build co-branded websites, virtual events, sponsored webinars, or in any way that allows you to connect directly with that other company, we will include a link to the other company's Privacy Policy if possible. Our Policy will govern our collection and use of information about you. In any case, we recommend that you find and read the other company's policy as well to learn how that company will treat the information about you.

Information That Identifies You

We rely on the information you provide to us as you register, contact us, participate in surveys, post comments to public areas of and interact with our web sites, respond to our email campaigns, and participate in webinars or online events. We may also add data from external sources including your professional interests on websites other than ours. We will add information about how you interact with our offerings, your subscriptions, the events you attend, the content you download or read, and the like.

We may work to expand our communities by acquiring names and contact details from other sources that have compiled contact information. This information might be public information or data you provided with necessary permissions. We may also invite you to join our communities via third party social and professional networking sites.

How We Use Information That Identifies You

We use information about you:

  • to provide the services, publications, and information you request and to manage your account with us.
  • to deliver or display content that matches your professional interests and responsibilities.
  • to contact you with information about and invitations for our products and services
  • to contact you, advertise to you or invite you to join us on social media platforms on which you participate.
  • to offer you opportunities to connect directly with your peers
  • for any other purpose that we tell you about when you give us the information.

Note:  Please help us keep your account information up to date. You may update most online registrations by consulting the particular web site itself or visiting a preference page after you have logged on to the site

How We Share Information About You

We share information about you so that we can connect you directly with other companies. In addition to providing you with our own editorial content, we offer you the opportunity to access others' branded content and expertise. When you choose to take advantage of that content or expertise, you choose to have your name and contact details transferred directly to the other companies. We will put you in direct contact with other companies when you choose to:

  • Access a specific webcast, online event, web site, newsletter, or other offering which is sponsored or co-sponsored by other companies. If you have enabled our automatic recognition cookie, as described below, you need only click to download or register for the asset or opportunity. You can learn about the sponsors and co-sponsors of the event for which you are registering on the registration website. Please visit our website frequently because the sponsors and co-sponsors for webcasts, online events, web sites, newsletters, and other offerings may be updated from time to time.
  • Register for one of our virtual events with our exhibitor(s). We may give all exhibitors at the event your name and contact details and we may give the exhibitor(s) whose booths and resources you accessed a record of your visit(s) to the exhibitor’s booth, including your interactions with the content from that exhibitor.
  • Attend one of our face-to-face events. An event attendance list may be given to all exhibitors at the event. It is up to you, however, to decide whether to leave your business card or allow your badge to be read by a particular exhibitor. Badges cannot be read remotely. If you allow your badge to be read by a particular exhibitor, we will share certain information about your use and enjoyment of our sites, including webinar participation, white papers downloaded, and clicks to our proprietary articles, and information about what sessions you attended at our event. A sponsor of a special, sponsored conference session will also be given information about you if you choose to attend that company's session. Your future interaction with online content from an exhibitor or sponsor to whom you provided your contact data to may also be tracked and disclosed to that exhibitor or sponsor.
  • Register online for one of our face-to-face events using an exhibitor-specific registration code that you received from that exhibitor. If you register for our events using an exhibitor-specific registration code, we may share certain non-sensitive information about you with that exhibitor.

Note: We may also disclose information about you to other third parties, including, for example, vendors that work on our behalf, law enforcement or other entities in order to respond to court orders or valid subpoenas, or to protect human safety or our networks or property, and third parties as part of a merger or sale of some or all of our business assets.

Making information you provide public.

  • We offer web sites that allow you to publish content. Many of these blog sites require that you have registered if you wish to comment. We will publish the user name you provide at registration when you comment. Some sites allow you to create a public profile as well.
  • Our online event venues also require that you be registered with HDC Inc. and allow you to have both public and closed communications with exhibitors and other participants. Information that identifies you will be published or shared according to your choices.
  • Increasingly, we offer apps at our face to face events, allowing you to communicate and publish to others who have also downloaded the app.
  • These apps and online communities may provide privacy controls which allow you to choose how much of your profile and other information to make public or to share with others within the community. As a professional, you remain responsible for locating the privacy controls (usually available on the page from which you can edit your profile), understanding how those controls, including default settings, work and protecting the information you provide.

Your Choice about Communication

Email Messages from Us

  • You may opt out of our email marketing lists by following the directions at the bottom of our promotional emails. This includes posts, events, jobs and newsletters. To remove a specific email address from all HDC email marketing you may opt-out using the link in the email, by logging in and managing your subscriptions, or you may send a request to
  • Please, note that you may receive email marketing messages from us about other companies' offerings as part of a list rental or partner marketing programs - but only if you have given us permission to do so. We do not disclose your contact details to the partners, and we do not sell your data. You have the option of contacting the other company directly if you click on the links within the email. To opt out of our partner marketing programs, you may follow the instructions at the bottom of any email we send you as part of the program.

How to Contact Us

For questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact:

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