When is the last time you recognized your team?

Happy Employees Perform Better!

Wouldn’t you like YOUR employees to be this happy? We can help you!

Hey Manager! When is the last time you recognized your team?

It’s critically important for your team to know they are valued. W.P. Brick (2012) showcases this importance in Public Manager by writing, “Recognition and employee engagement are so critical to the operations and culture of a modern workplace they can only be ignored at great peril (6).” In EntreLeadership, Dave Ramsey (2011) adds, “Where there is no recognition, it is very difficult to have passionate, creative, motivated team members” (238).

But you knew this.

What you may not have known is that Brew City HDI makes it easy for you to reward and recognize your top performers, for FREE! Every year, HDI partners with Robert Half Technology to offer our members an easy way to reward and recognize their top performers.

If you’ve got a standout support analyst, complete the application for the Help Desk Analyst of the Year or Desktop Support Technician of the Year.

Are you a director who wants to recognize their best support manager? Submit for the HDI Manager of the Year.

Got a team full of rock stars? How about submitting for the HDI Team Excellence Award.

Want to know more? Check out all of the awards available to HDI members.  Not a member yet – but still want to submit? You can become a member of HDI for less than the cost of a training course.

Robert Half TechnologyThanks again to our partners at Robert Half Technology for your continued support of these great awards!

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