2012 Tech Fair – Keynote Speaker Announced!

Join us May 15, 2012 at Sprecher Brewery for the 2012 Brew City HDI Tech Fair featuring

Noah Rickun

Born to sell, other kids were playing in sandboxes while Noah was running his first business…out of his mom’s basement. Today, Noah’s a professional speaker, sales guy, writer, and business leader known for his innovative, passionate, and relatable style. He’s a non-practicing attorney, the former CEO of Jeffrey Gitomer’s TrainOne, and master of  “the approach” – the single most important part of any sale.

As a speaker, Noah delivers inspirational and informational sales seminars packed with implementable strategies, all focused on helping his audience members to go out into the world and “take their shot.”

Here’s one of Noah’s insightful tips about how New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work (Unless You Do!)

For more information about Noah, visit his website at http://noahrickun.com.

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